Spheriosity Alpha 2 Finally Released

For at least the next month or so there will be quite a few articles that at least mention Spheriosity. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this, but it is my project for the summer. I am trying to make it the best application that I can, given my time frame. I have to say that I have made it further in development than I ever thought I would. I find this quite pleasing and I hope to keep up the pace for the rest of the summer. I have a vacation in there and I imagine that development will slow, or stop, during that time. That is a bit of a shame, but I think it is probably for the best. It will be good for me to take a break and not have to work on ANYTHING. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy that as I sometimes find it rather difficult to truly enjoy free time.

At any rate, this post is about Spheriosity. So… what is new in this version? Basically loads of new features and one giant memory leak. Yes yes, a memory leak in Java. I know, it’s not possible! IT IS. I will talk about that some other time. So here is a rough list of the new features I have added:

  • Parallel Transport
  • Point Rotation
  • Full support for saving files (not supported in applet, because it can’t be)
  • Point moving
  • Small interface improvements
  • Ability to measure triangle area as a % of total spherical area.

There are even more features than I listed, but I would consider those the main and most notable features. I have to say that I was a little reluctant to release Spheriosity in alpha status, but I want it to be out there for people to try and test. I one heard the saying ‘release early and release often’. As long as users are willing to put up with the bugs I think it is better to get their feedback. After all… who is using your software? Though Spheriosity is small and I wouldn’t say it even has a real user base I care immensely about what users think about it. I don’t even know if it would be possible for me to use the program to its fullest potential. As such I want to know what others think about it.

In terms of the documentation I wrote about yesterday. I finished that all up and released that as a rough draft under the GNU FDL. I must admit that I didn’t really want to license the documentation mainly because I find it to be quite a hassle. However it is only a one time cost so I figure it is for the best. I really want to make sure people can use the program 🙂 Funny how I think that right?

I got to do a little shell scripting and made myself a little bash script to collect the files from the repository and build all of the .zip and .tar.gz files that I need to post on SourceForge. That was one of those times that I was soooooo glad I had thought ahead to write a script. This time around all I had to do was make some minor changes and it was so nice to just run a small script and it do 90% of the work for me.

I leave now with a screen shot I made from the new application. To make the screen shot I used the parallel transport and rotate point features that are included in the new version. You can’t tell from just looking at the picture, but if you move point B both ‘eyes’ move the same way. I thought it was a real cool example of what the work I have done is capable of. Granted… it is not a very practical use of the software, but that is another story. Maybe some day I will write about parallel transport and how we (my professor and I) were able to achieve this in Spheriosity 🙂 At any rate here is that screen shot:

Screenshort From Spheriosity Alpha 2

Screenshort From Spheriosity Alpha 2



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