Windows 7 — What a Joke

Today I found an article via slashdot which talks about the Windows 7 Beta. The article is pretty short as the reviewer, Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, is just giving some initial thoughts on the OS. Here is one of the points Kingsley-Hughes makes:

Performance of this beta is exceptional. I’ve not had a chance to benchmark it yet but it feels snappier and more responsive than earlier betas I’ve handled.

On one hand, it’s good to hear that Microsoft got a clue and made an operating system that worked well out of the box. On the other hand… if you look at the screenshots that Kingsley-Hughes provides it is clear to see that Windows 7 seems to look just like Windows Vista. It seems like they simply fixed a lot of the problems in Vista (under the hood) and are now capitalizing on their previous failure.

The sad thing is that loads of companies, businesses, schools, etc. are going to rush out to buy the new and improved Windows 7 hoping that it will be better than Vista (which they already wasted their money on). Maybe Microsoft should give all the unhappy Windows Vista users a copy of Windows 7 because they screwed up so badly on Vista. It seems like such a scam that they should be allowed to profit from their previous failure after trying to convince everyone that Vista was all that and a bag of chips! The Mojave Experiment, where Microsoft tricks their customers into liking Vista, should not be needed to get people to like Vista. Perhaps they should make an operating system good enough that it just wows people straight away. If I were to pay hundreds of dollars for a proprietary product it needs to blow my socks off to make it worth that much money!

At any rate I’m sticking with Linux which, unlike Windows, has always improved over time instead of getting drastically worse and then struggling to make a come back after realizing its collasal failure.


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