Spheriosity Alpha 3 Released!

Today I finally managed to release the next instalment of Spheriosity. For those who don’t know Spheriosity is the Java program I wrote to be an emulation of spherical geometry and it is geared toward students in higher geometry classes or anyone interested in learning about spherical geometry. The latest release has many new features. Here are a few of them:

  • Midpoint plotting
  • Ability to draw spherical circles
  • Improved line length measurement tools
  • Ability to rename points

To give it a try head on over to our SourceForge page and download away. Spheriosity requires Java3D >= 1.4 and Java >= 1.5 . For those interested in hearing more about the latest release then keep reading.

The reason that I decided to release it as alpha is because I think there are still too many features I would like to add to the next version. Also, I have been reading about XML lately and think I might change the file format over to use an XML based one for saving spheres. Changing to XML will probably not be terribly difficult, but it does involve my needing to actually do it and then write some acompanying tests. More importantly it will, yet again, break backwards compatibility with file reading.

Hopefully, the next version I release can be beta quality. Also, I am still looking for people who would be interested in helping with development. It would be great to have other people to bounce ideas off of and check the code out to make sure there are as few errors as possible. Additionally, I don’t always have time to work on the project and getting a few more people would help it have some more consistent development.

At any rate I hope everyone enjoys the latest release and if you have any feedback please let me know either via this blog or the Spheriosity SourceForge page. Thanks!

2 Responses to Spheriosity Alpha 3 Released!

  1. Krishna says:

    Interesting application. I downloaded it and ran it. *Curious* to see how Spheriosity Beta would look like. Particularly impressed with the manual – not many open source products do that.

    • jintoreedwine says:

      Hey, thanks for downloading it! I’m glad you were able to get it to run. I would really like to get a more official installer, but I haven’t had time to work that out yet. In terms of the manual I figured that especially for its intended purpose that it needed some documentation. I think the manual could be a little more comprehensive, but for now I have to worry about things like… finishing college 🙂 .

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