Web Based TODO List: TaskFreak!

For the past year or so I have been keeping a digital copy of the list of things I need to get done (aka my todo list). Originally, this was simply a text file that I stored on the computer science lab computers at my college. This was handy because I could always access the computers via ssh and retrieve my todo list. Eventually, that became too annoying to manage and I installed the program gtodo on all my computers. I use sshfs on all my machines so that I could store the todo list on those same computer science machines. This was a great system, but now I must graduate from college, which also means that I have to leave my account as well. Since I recently purchased a domain and web hosting I figured a web based solution would be perfect for my needs. That’s how I discovered TaskFreak!

TaskFreak! has exactly the features I need and one or two extras. Those features are: it lets me enter a new item, associate it with a category, give it a priority, give an optional deadline, and indicate when it is finished. On top of all that TaskFreak! lets you give a description of the task, which can be displayed when clicking on a given task. TaskFreak! lets you sort your tasks however you choose simply by clicking the first cell in each column of the table. Setting it up was fairly straightforward as all I had to do was create a new MySQL database on my web server and tell TaskFreak! how to contact that database.

At the end of the day TaskFreak! is exactly what I need it to be and not much more. I wanted a simple, web based way to access my todo list. TaskFreak! delivers perfectly. I should also note that there are multi-user versions of TaskFreak! if that is the kind of solution one desires. Finally, I leave with a screen shot of the UI (as rendered by FireFox 3):

Screenshot of the UI

Screenshot of the UI (Click to see full size)

One Response to Web Based TODO List: TaskFreak!

  1. arabicgirl says:

    nice tool..Thanx

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