Gradius V — Finally, I beat the dang game!

July 26, 2008

Lately I have had some more time to enjoy the occasional video game. For a few years now I have had an obsession with being able to beat Gradius V. For those who don’t know Gradius V is one of the more popular titles in side scrolling shooters. The game requires you to be able to watch many bullets flying around your ship which being able to take down the necessary enemies. In order to make the game more manageable the hit box for your ship is insanely small. Gradius V could almost be considered a Maniac Shooter, but it falls short in that category because there simply aren’t enough bullets on screen (if you have ever played a true maniac shooter… then you would know).

Even though this game can be insanely frustrating at times it is well worth playing if you can stick with it. When you beat a level it is quite an awesome feeling because of the shear difficulty involved. If you can beat a level without losing a single life, that is even more incredible. I really enjoy challenging my ability to move the ship just tiny bits in order to avoid tight obstacles and swarms of bullets/lasers. It is a true test of one’s ability to have precise control. It is games like this that still bring glory to the standard video game controller. Even though I am a huge fan of the Wii, I can’t see any of the motion sensing features of the Wiimote being used in a Gradius type shooter.

After finishing a game like Gradius V it makes me think there is still a place for the traditional video game controller. I hope to continue playing Gradius V and maybe, some day, I will be able to beat it on a difficulty other than ‘very easy’ (which is anything but… IMO).