Yakuake — Impossible to say, but impossible to give up

December 28, 2008

I just wanted to take a minute to discuss my new favorite terminal emulator for KDE, Yakuake. I have no idea how to pronounce that which is only a problem when I want to tell people about it in person. Normally a conversation starts out as follows: “Oh man, you’ve got to try this awesome terminal emulator for KDE. I’d give you the name, but I can’t possibly pronounce it correctly”.

Screenshot of Yakuake

Screenshot of Yakuake

Yakuake, is very much like Konsole except that it drops down from the top of the screen (actually it could come from a number of places) . The beauty of Yakuake is that it’s always open, which is great for me because I always need a terminal. You simply assign it a key binding and off you go! The thing I find so fabulous about it is that it lets me start commands and check on them periodicically, regardless of what virtual desktop I am on. Also, Yakuake supports tabs and has keyboard shortcuts for just about everything. Before Yakuake if I needed a terminal I would use Katapult to open it and when I was done I’d simply press ctrl-D. Since Yakuake is always open it saves me the time of needing to open Konsole and follows me wherever I go. Yakuake has completely replaced all my other terminals emulators and I will never look back 🙂 .